The gang’s all here!

E!’s new topical series LADYGANG is bringing the hit podcast to our TV screens Oct. 28 and we are ready for all the truth, opinions and LOL moments these boss babes are bringing our way.

The trio comprised of Keltie KnightBecca Tobin and Jac Vanek, say it like it is, and there’s no topic that’s off limits for these ladies. So what better way to get to know the gang than with a little Q&A of our own?

Did you know that Becca’s celebrity crush is funny man Larry David? Or that Keltie’s a snort laugher? And you won’t believe what happened on Jac’s most embarrassing date!

Find out all that and more with our LADYGANG Q&A below!



Celebrity Crush: Larry David

Celebrity Style Icon: Sarah Jessica Parker

Favorite Guilty Pleasure TV Show: Real Housewives of anywhere

Most Used Emoji: Poop

Most embarrassing date you’ve ever been on: None

Favorite She-EO (female CEO/boss lady):Hillary Kerr

Most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction you’ve ever had: I was dancing in a latex bodysuit on Glee one day and the whole thing ripped down the side while everyone was watching me dance.

Biggest Turn-Off: Cheap people

Best Piece of Relationship Advice You’ve Ever Gotten: The “little things” matter.

If You Weren’t on the LADYGANG, What Job Would You Love to Do?: Live off of a trust fund and travel the world 🙂

What’s Your Weirdest Habit or Secret Talent?: I can name all the presidents in order