Barry’s Buddies Zach Martin and Becca Tobin Martin are well-known faces around Barry’s in Los Angeles. You may also recognize Becca’s face from a certain former FOX TV show called “Glee,” on which she played Kitty Wilde for two seasons.

The couple married this past December in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in a ceremony officiated by Becca’s co-star, Jane Lynch. And although they began their Barry’s journeys in different cities, working out in the red room together has been one extra-curricular activity that’s brought them even closer.

We caught up with this newlywed husband and wife over one of their weekend workouts to chat about what keeps them coming back for more.


Names: Zach Martin and Becca Tobin Martin
Occupations: Entrepreneur and Actress
Home Barry’s Studios: West Hollywood and Hollywood
Relationship Status: Married

Barry’s: How did you and your Barry’s Buddy first meet?

Zach: We met in 2009 for the first time in Atlanta through mutual friends when Becca was home from New York for the holidays.

Q: When was your first Barry’s class?

A: Zach’s first class was in Nashville in 2013, Becca’s was in New York at the Chelsea studio circa 2011.

Q: How has Barry’s been a part of your relationship over the years?

A: We are both very active people and enjoy pushing ourselves physically. Besides getting us into the best shape of our lives in time for our wedding, Barry’s provides a challenging workout that we both love.

Q: How was Barry’s strengthened your relationship?

A: No matter how busy our work weeks are, we know Barry’s is an activity that guarantees us time together. Some couples bird watch, we do Barry’s.

Q: In what ways, have you pushed each other to achieve greater fitness goals?

A: It’s hard to flake on your workout buddy when you are married to them! We often create our own Barry’s challenges to get us in our best shape. (We are currently in the middle of our own “16 class in 30 days” challenge)

Q: What’s your most fun/crazy/silly Barry’s story that you have together?

A: Our very first class together was Joey’s class in Hollywood. We were still trying to impress each other (and our new friend Joey), and each of us later admitted to fighting back vomit.

Q: Does your Barry’s Buddy have any bad habits?

Zach: Becca can’t make it to any workout class before 11 am.

Q: Why do you think that Barry’s is a great place to meet people and socialize?

A: The clients and staff at Barry’s have become some of our closest friends in Los Angeles. The welcoming environment at Barry’s makes it easy to socialize with the familiar faces you see each day.